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Johnny King originally from Congo – Brazzaville from where he draws his rhythms bases. Johnny King combines styles and melodies from his experiences, from his multicultural and musical collaborations, from his live well load of conflicts around him. As physical than spiritual, psychological or material, from his life of migrant since his bottom age in Africa and in Europe. By collaborating with various musicians, animators and educators in different Europeans countries: Swiss, France, Germany or Romania…

His music is an emotional, lyric, rhythmic and melodic cocktail and the message is the product of a combination of sadness and joy resulting in hope. Johnny King speaks about love at first, because his message heads for the opening and the firm conviction of a well being… a well being first personal…

2016 and finally to persue the development of his artistic activities and reach a wider audience, Johnny King has signed a production deal with BOSKA ENTERTAINMENT (production, promotion, marketing, distribution worldwide) management of his career and the executive production of his live events and tours worldwide.

Album Review

RISE UP single a fantastic pop/reggae tune produced by Lee King,arranged and mixed by legendary Godwin Logie.
A great song with a great message within it..